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Explore the esoteric world of the House of the Rising Spade. The Keymaster Tarot is a complete set of 78 cards with an epic box. >> Easy to convert! kr 100 SEK = approx $10 USD (remove a zero) >> SHIPPING ONLY TO CERTAIN COUNTRIES >> FREE SHIPPING TO MOST COUNTRIES (min. one deck) >> EU-FRIENDLY PARCELS

Latest Updates from Our Project:

PRODUCTION UPDATE: Quite a lot of good news
10 days ago – Fri, Jul 03, 2020 at 09:00:31 PM

Hello everybody!

Today big update with plenty of pictures and videos about the production of the Keymaster Tarot.

Before going into the details, enjoy the REAL LOOK of the 3 Keymaster variants: BASIC, SUPERIOR, ULTIMATE.

Keymaster Basic, Superior, Ultimate.

Now, about production: a couple of issues have been solved, so here is what you find in this update:

  • Production status overview, as always 
  • DECKS: Cartamundi's hard proofs (and how the uncut sheet looks) 
  • Keymaster Superior box preview
  • Tarot Cloth
  • Additional info and pics 

Production Status Overview

Decks officially in production

I finally received the hard-proofs of the cards and I approved them. I thought the whole sheet could only display 78 cards in a 13x6 grid, but they provided a 80 cards layout that I exploited immediately with 2 extra cards designed exclusively for the uncut sheets.

Even if production is at 0% (because I approved the proofs today) it is officially in the production line at Cartamundi and THE DECKS WILL BE PRINTED NEXT WEEK!

Sheet size: 72,5x101,6 cm (less than an A0 format), and this is how it looks.

Keymaster Tarot uncut sheet: yellow areas = gold foil

I know someone will ask, but at the moment it is not possible to add an uncut sheet because I ordered the quantity counted with the surveys. If there is a leftover, it will go for sale on my online shop.

Here some pics of the hard-proofs

hard proofs (cmyk print layer)
hard proofs: back side (cmyk layer)
the golden foil graphics layout
color proofs: approved!

Keymaster Superior Box Preview

I made a quick video so you can see all the details. Actually a couple of letters are missing (2 R on the tray), and it is has been adjusted.

Keymaster Superior (rendered card on top)

Tarot Cloth: production resumed

Good news! the factory managed to solve the problem.

Here is the proof: an authentic picture straight from the manufacturer in all its blurriness and ugliness: no edit, no filter. At least you can see the pattern being made :)

#nofilter lol

Tarot Cloths estimated completion date: 24th of July.

Additional info and pics

A couple of extra info about the production:

  • mini decks: estimated completion date set for July 13.
  • I received the pins and the stickers today, and they are great.
  • Keymaster Ultimate lids: the production is building speed. I talked to the manufacturer and they are working on those. I do not have an estimated completion date, waiting for it.

That's all for today. I am very glad I could deliver good news.

Stay tuned for more updates and hopefully no hick-ups. 


Lorenzo (Stockholm17 Playing Cards)

Production status, a couple of hick-ups
18 days ago – Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 02:12:11 PM

Hi all,

I have a production status update with some red boxes. I explain those issues after the image. 

production status

DECKS (Cartamundi)

Expect delays. It's been 2 months inquiring with weekly emails and requests, but nothing is produced yet. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down everything, ok, but it is the end of June and it became a little ridiculous. I inquired again at the beginning of the week, and I am still waiting.

I keep you posted of course.

Tarot Cloths

PAUSED meaning that the manufacturer did not start. I received a different info during the months and I though they were half way done. 

Apparently they do not have the machine for the custom pattern and they used to outsource this part to a 3rd party; after COVID-19 this party did not manage to restart production as before. They have to find another one. It is not an impossible task, they say they are committed.

This is an Italian manufacturer recommended by a friend who is also professional in the field of fashion and textiles.

Crossing fingers. They told me I will get news by the end of the week or next week.

Gate Miniatures

Not a big issue, they are just slow. I thought they were half way (2 months after the order), but they are only at 20% done. I demanded the delivery at the end of July. Again, COVID-19 lock-down slowed down everything. This is another Italian manufacturer recommended by a colleague. They are very good, but quite slow apparently.

Change of plans for mini-decks

They will not be produced by Cartamundi. I am going to print them on black-core playing card paper with linen finish in China by WJ Playing Cards Company. They are faster and tested. It is the same kind of paper and finish as high quality poker size playing cards. 

Decks specs:

  • Cards: 300gsm German black core paper with premium linen, 2mm round corners radius.
  • Box: 300gsm C1S cardboard with silk matte lamination (fancy).

That's all for now. Not great news, but I think these issues can be solved soon. As soon as I have something to communicate I write another update.

Thank you for the patience. Stay safe, well, and healthy!


Production status, ugly pictures from the factory, art book
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 01:55:09 AM

Hi all!

Here is another production status update for you. I am afraid Cartamundi is going to be late, but I will mark it as delay - if needed - when they give me the completion date. Crossing fingers.

The rest is proceeding as planned :)

prod status

BOXES (Keymaster Superior and Ultimate)

I received ugly pictures from the factory of the boxes and even if they pics are  blurry and overexposed, I thought to show you them anyway.

These samples are not in my possession, I just received pictures to speed up the visual inspection and skip unnecessary shipping costs and waste of time.

Remember that Superior and Ultimate variant share the same tray.

samples for approval

That red is something I want to change and asked for a darker one. The lighting is horrible and I am sure it is better than it looks, but I want it darker.

An updated version will be shipped to me and once it is approved the production continues. I've set 10% progress because plates and graphics are ok.

Art book

I received a couple of art books here in Stockholm and they are great. I prepared a video for you.
Quite happy with the outcome :)

Card Guard

And finally the pics from the fulfillment center, here is card guard in Antique gold finish.

card guard

That's all for now, more updates as soon as I have something to show.

Meanwhile - for you in the northern hemisphere - enjoy the incoming summer!



One more production update
about 1 month ago – Sat, May 30, 2020 at 06:32:00 PM

Hi all!

A quick update to show you the production status of the Keymaster Tarot project. I added extra info where necessary to give a better insight.

production status

The miniature gates had a slow start because the pandemic and the lock-down in Italy, where they are made. I got a picture of their work in progress.

part of the unassembled and unpainted production

Stickers are also ready, here is a picture :)


Cartamundi is very slow and, so I am still waiting for them to confirm everything. PRE-PRESS means that they are checking the files for printing. I know they checked almost everything, let's hope they start soon.

I wish you a great weekend! 



Keymaster Tarot Production Update
about 2 months ago – Fri, May 22, 2020 at 10:23:24 PM

Hello everybody!

Another quick production update with more green than expected :)

Art books, Card Guards, stickers and pouches are ready. I have relatively decent pictures from the manufacturer only for the books. Once I get a sample here I will take better pictures.

Here is the status:

production status

And here is the art book with cover made with letterpress

  • Top left: cover (thick black cardboard approx 1.6mm)
  • Top right: page 4
  • bottom left: A major arcana spread layout
  • bottom right: the sides with a binding thread
Keymster Tarot art book
cover before the cut

About Cards and boxes

Things are moving, slowly, but moving. Cartamundi is in pre-press phase, and I am waiting for their estimated completion date, and I hope it is a good one.

Just stay tuned

An Oracle deck you do not want to miss

This is a project that finally is on kickstarter, and it is the 2nd version. Bird Ov Prey is the author of this beauty. The Kickstarter campaign just started and of course I am a backer of it :)

Click here to pledge and get your Oracle deck

The Oracle II is Incorporating reworked designs of the original hand-printed Oracle Deck and expansion pack, this new iteration includes 34 additional cards for a total of 78 cards as in a traditional tarot deck. These cards will be sized 3 x 5" (76 x 127mm) and printed on heavy 400gsm touch-laminated matte stock with gold foil back graphics and housed in a matching box.

cards, faces and back
a few more faces

That's all for now, I hope to get news from Cartamundi soon

Meanwhile have a great weekend, stay safe, healthy and well