Keymaster Tarot


Explore the esoteric world of the House of the Rising Spade. The Keymaster Tarot is a complete set of 78 cards with an epic box. >> Easy to convert! kr 100 SEK = approx $10 USD (remove a zero) >> SHIPPING ONLY TO CERTAIN COUNTRIES >> FREE SHIPPING TO MOST COUNTRIES (min. one deck) >> EU-FRIENDLY PARCELS

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Quick update: timeline and other
5 days ago – Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 02:09:27 AM

Hi all!

I hope you all are safe and are taking all the precautions and protections to avoid this damn flu. I am staying at home and avoiding any kind of contact in these 2 crucial weeks even if I am fine. I decided to sacrifice my summer vacation days to stay safe at home now. Make sure you practice social distancing until the end of the storm. I cannot rain forever and everybody want back a normal life. I am sure there will be an amazing restart as it happens when a war ends. We can win this war relatively fast. Be safe, be strong, be careful, and learn how the enemy works from official sources, not facebook! :)

Let's go back for a moment in our esoteric world and feel safe in the House of the Rising Spade. 

In this update:

  • updated timeline
  • uncollected pledges

Updated Timeline

I did a few additions, so you have a better overview. Only a week has passed, and it was the longest week because of the recent events. I really cannot wait to start producing your rewards.


Important dates:

  •  2nd of April: funds arrival (estimated)
  •  3rd of April: surveys sent to all backers (more info when the time comes)
  •  15th of April: surveys deadline (important because I need to know how many items I produce).
  •  after April 15th: production starts

I think 3 and half months are enough to produce everything, even if there are delays due to the actual situation. In any case make sure you read all the updates.

Uncollected pledges

It is common for a few backers' pledges to fail to collect at the project's deadline. When this happens, here's what to expect:

  • Kickstarter will send backers with errored pledges an email every 48 hours with a link to fix the issue.
  • Backers may also log in to the Kickstarter account from which they pledged to follow the 'Fix Payment' link.
  • Backers have 7 days to fix their pledges by updating their credit card information.

Today is the 7th day and a few backers will be removed from the kickstarter campaign. It means that these backers will not receive the updates as usual, and will not be part of the Kickstarter campaign any longer.


as explained before, I use a backer management platform (called Backerkit) that allows backers that have been removed from the kickstarter campaign to be back on the project. I contacted almost all of them with a private message so I can understand how many items I will have to produce.

This is important because I produce only the pre-ordered quantity via kickstarter. 

That's all for now, just keep an eye to the updates. It will not happen that much for the following 10 days.
Stay safe and healthy!



12 days ago – Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 12:07:30 AM

Dear Backers, THANK YOU!

I am so glad that this campaign went so well, especially because the design of the Keymaster attracted old and new backers from the tarot world. I assume it means I made a good job with the design.

A kickstarter campaign is an emotional rollercoaster and I could not wait it was over. 30 days are a lot, and usually between day 5 to 25 it does not happen that much. THANK YOU for being one of the 1031 backers! I am already at work for the production of all the items.

In this update:

  • Timeline
  • Survey via Backerkit
  • Important note


For 2 weeks nothing will happen because Kickstarter is busy collecting funds. Check your email and see if the payment went through or if errored. In case of credit card problems, kickstarter will guide you so you can honor the pledge.


Surveys via Backerkit

What is this? 

Backerkit is backer management platform. It is connected to Kickstarter and when I send the surveys (see timeline) you will receive an e-mail from KEYMASTER TAROT.  The surveys are managed by this platform called called Backerkit. It will be easy and intuitive.

How will it work?

  • you get an email with a button opening your survey
  • you confirm your reward tier
  • you answer to one question
  • you specify the items that you added during the campaign
  • if you want you can add more items (same prices of course)
  • you enter the address (it can be edited later)
  • you submit the survey

I will explain again in the next update. 

Here is how the survey email looks like.

survey email

IMPORTANT: Read the updates

from now and on it is important that you read my short and clear updates. You will be able to keep track of the production status and of course delivery.

This is my only way to reach all of you at once and have a place where I post updates about this project.

I am so exhausted and thankful. Time to celebrate with a 17 years old expensive whiskey for these important occasions, and get some rest.




400% STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED, more gifts!
15 days ago – Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 02:00:01 AM

Hi all

first of all, welcome to the new backers and thank you for visiting The House of the Rising Spade. If you have any question, do not hesitate to write a mail.

We reached the 400% stretch goal: 1 million crowns, approx $103.000 USD. WOW! Thank you so much for this achievement. LET'S ASSIGN MORE GIFTS!

In this update:

  • 400% stretch goal unlocked
  • Wallpapers for your mobile


Pouch for free to backers with Superior or Ultimate, so you can decide if you want to use the box or the pouch to carry around the deck. 

updated overview of gifts distribution

A few of notes:

  •  The Scholar reward has got a pouch already (see reward description).
  •  Attic reward will get 2, one is written in the reward description plus one extra as shown.
  • Rewards with Keymaster Basic have the pouch included already.

IMPORTANT: if during the campaign you added +60 SEK for the pouch, and your reward tier is eligible for one extra, you can choose to deduct it otherwise you get 2.

Wallpapers for your mobile

If interested, I prepared a set of wallpapers for your mobile. I chose a few major arcana and made them available on my facebook page:

Choose your fav here:

Size: 1080x1920px, portrait mode. I prepared 2 variants, one is bright, the other one is darkened. It depends how you want to use it and the contrast you want to have on your device.

just a few examples

Remember, you can add items on top of your pledge, and specify what you added AFTER THE END OF THE CAMPAIGN, you will get an email with your survey.

Add-ons list:

  • Keymaster Basic: +370 SEK /each 
  • Keymaster Superior: +550 SEK /each 
  • Keymaster Ultimate: +990 SEK /each 
  • Keymaster mini-deck: +160 SEK /each 
  • Card Stand: +95 SEK /each 
  • Card Guard: +110 SEK /each 
  • Art Book: +350 SEK /each 
  • Tarot Cloth: +360 SEK /each 
  • Uncut Sheet: +400 SEK /each 
  • Pouch: +60 SEK /each 
  • Pin: +40 SEK /each 
  • Stickers: +10 SEK /each 

How to add? click here and read the step-by-step instructions.

Next update on monday, thank you so much for the amazing support!



Weekly Release: GIFTS for all! ....wait, what?
20 days ago – Sun, Mar 08, 2020 at 09:55:06 PM

Yes, goodies!

We are now in the final week and as all my kickstarter campaigns I reward all the backers with gifts that I am sure you will enjoy. 

These gifts are distributed according to reward tier, and you can add them on top of your pledge if you want more.

IMPORTANT: you will specify what you added AFTER the campaign, when you get the SURVEY email.


  • Vinyl Sticker of The Fool 63x108mm
  • Vinyl Sticker of Temperance 63x108mm
  • Pin KEYMASTER TARO MMXX sigil 20x30mm (yes, TARO, it is latin)  
Vinyl Sticker: The Fool
Vinyl Sticker: Temperance

And in the following picture I show the size comparison among the 3 of them



  Simple, look at the reward tier you chose, and see what you get in the package. 

  • If you add a deck, you do not get an extra sticker or pin for free.
  • If you change reward tier, you get what is displayed in the list.


In the reward description you can read the list of items that you will receive, and in the image above you see the extra items you get as gift.

Also, you can add items of any kind, here is a clear overview.

All the add-ons

How to add? 

I wrote clear step-by-step instructions in update #3, click here to learn how (it is simple! just a sum)

IMPORTANT: you can add whatever you want in the quantity you want. You will specify what you added when you get your survey email, after the campaign.

Letterpress galore

Meet Mr.Cup, he is now running a kickstarter campaign for his deck of playing cards. He is specialized in letterpress printing and his passion for vintage graphics from the 1800-1900s called EPHEMERID. If you are familiar with Parlour Playing Cards, he is the one who followed the production of the sleeve for the brick box.

On his campaign he offers collector editioins, plenty of choice. Click here to learn more

That's all for now. We are slowly approaching the 400% stretch goal :) I can't wait to start the production of this deck, everything is prepared and ready to be sent to manufacturers.

If you have questions, just write a mail :) (check FAQs first)



Seal Design, Book Design, Tarot Cloth upgrade
23 days ago – Thu, Mar 05, 2020 at 10:41:50 PM

Hi all!

first of all, welcome to the new backers! The campaign is going very well and we are slowly approaching the 400% stretch goal. Thank you for being in the house!

In this update:

  • Keymaster Ultimate numbered seal design
  • Art-Book final layout
  • Tarot Cloth Upgraded to double face
  •  Italia Divina 

Numbered Seal design for Keymaster Ultimate

This was the first stretch goal, it took me a while to design the seal and eventually I decided to put a progressive number on it. It makes sense.

Keymaster Ultimate is limited to Kickstarter only, so the total number is not defined, I will know how many will be produced right after the survey. Probably around 400 units, we still have 11 days remaining.

rendering of the numbered seal

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ATTENTION <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Numbers cannot be chosen or booked. It is impossible to track specific items and then assign a specific number to a specific backer during fulfillment.  Also, with 2 different fulfillment centers I cannot track what number goes where.There are too many hands involved from production, assembly, packing and shipping. 

And a Seal for Keymaster Superior?

I am considering it. Keymaster Superior is also limited to the kickstarter campaign. I was thinking to a deep red seal, different shape. Let's see how the campaign progresses.

Art Book Final Layout

I am finally done with the layout of this art book. I chose a slightly distressed - still readable - font to give an antique look. Part of the texts are used for the mini-booklet, which will not have illustrations in it.

Here you can see the specs of the art book.

  • size: 115x210mm (4.5x8.2in)
  • Illustrations in colors
  • 108 pages (maybe a little more)
  • 22 page spreads for the Major Arcana
  • 4 page spreads for the suits
  • 16 page spreads for the court cards
  • 3 tarot spreads
  • 6 blank pages for notes and sketches
  • warm white paper, matte, 90gr
  • hard cover in letterpress with gold foiled graphics
  • made in Germany
  • English only
Major Arcana page spread

Here is a test print on the paper that is going to be used for the booklet, plus a macro shot of the structure of the paper. 

paper tonality and macro shot
hard cover with graphics printed with letterpress (gold foil)

Tarot cloth becomes double-face

I found a wide-enough golden decorated trim that allows the tarot cloth to be double-face.It means that you can choose to use one of the 2 sides:

  • blue floral pattern on black background
  • black floral pattern on blue background

The fact that it is 2-color Jacquard fabric- and not just a printed pattern - allows this feature.

Size: 70x70cm (27.5x27.5in)

choose your side

How to add stuff?

Kickstarter does not have a cart, so there is a different way if you want to add one or more items on top of your current reward. 

I wrote  step-by-step instructions in the 3rd update. Click here to learn how. It is easy, just a sum!

Italia Divina

If you are a poker-size playing cards enthusiast, take a look at this kickstarter project current live on Kickstarter. Italia Divina is designed by playing card designer Giovanni Meroni, and he made a series of poker playing cards  that includes some of the landmarks, stories, and secrets of Italy. The courts of Italia Divina are some of the most iconic cities in Italy, represented as Goddesses.

Just a few hours remaining! visit the project page

Radiosa variant
3 variants

That's all for now, working on more improvements and gifts for all the backers that I distribute at the end of the campaign :)

Stay tuned, and if you have questions do not hesitate to send a message (check FAQs first)


Lorenzo (Stockholm17)